Marquis of Lorne Lodge

Marquis of Lorne Lodge No 1354

Consecrated: 31st May 1871

The oldest Lodge regularly meeting in Leigh, but certainly not the first, as records show that Masonry in Leigh began in 1732. Unfortunately all the Lodges formed prior to 1871 have either moved out of the area or have been erased, thus leaving the Marquis of Lorne Lodge No 1354 as the oldest Lodge meeting regularly in Leigh.

The Lodge was named to mark the marriage in 1871 of the Marquis of Lorne to Princess Louise, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. The Marquis (John Douglas Sutherland Campbell 1845 – 1914) later succeeded his father to become the 9th Duke of Argyll.

Since 1871 the Lodge has met in a number of locations around the town, but most notably from 1897 until 1964, when it moved to its current home, it met in purpose-built rooms within the old Co-operative Building on Bradshawgate. At the time the building was erected, the Secretary-Manager of the Leigh Co-operative Society, Bro. Thomas Boydell, the architect, Bro JC Prestwich and the builder, Bro JW Cowburn were all members of the Lodge. Since 1964 the Lodge has met, along with the six other Lodges in the Leigh Group, at the Masonic Hall, Ellesmere Street, just off Spinning Jenny Way in the Centre of Leigh. Between 1871 and the early 1920’s, when Masonry was in its heyday, the Lodge was responsible for the creation of four daughter Lodges.

Since its consecration the Lodge has always enjoyed a healthy membership, which at its peak stood at well over one hundred. At present, with over twenty five members, this still represents a solid membership in today’s uncertain times.