A Round With Joe

LEIGH-a-round-with-Joe-featured-itemJoe Morton to be precise, who has recently been appointed the Leigh Group golf representative.

I arranged to meet for a 9:30am tee off at Joe’s local track Hindley Hall Golf Club where magical rounds would be attempted through 18 frost bitten winter fairways and greens. Accompanying Joe is regular playing partner and friend Aiden Murphy, Leigh Group membership officer.

The icy blast from the wind was biting and the fairway was frozen solid, but we were all pleased to be on top of it as the balls ran and ran. Joe started playing golf at Beacon Park golf club in Wigan some 20 years ago but following the emigration of his then golfing partner put the clubs in the loft and forgot all about them until meeting Aiden socially, arranging a friendly round and getting them out into the light.

Pars duly recorded we strode onwards, Joe recollecting his favorite competition the Hartford Open at The TPC River Highlands in Cromwell USA, sentimental for many reasons, not least that he has family who live there.

Scores were nip and tuck, pars going one way and then the other. On to the 10th a par five of some 500yds from the yellows, tree lined fairway, straight as an arrow with large steep bunkers left and right at the driving distance and a pernicious slope from left to right across the fairway, for good measure a couple more bunkers surrounding the green.

“Just three straight shots” says Aiden optimistically.

“If only it was that simple” the curt replies.

“I just want everyone to enjoy their golf, days like this, to get out more into the fresh air” states Joe with his golf rep hat on. “This year I want everyone to get out and play more golf, there are golfers in every lodge and I want us all to enjoy a round and a chat over drinks in the lounge afterwards.”

Fun, laughter and camaraderie there can be few more noble motives. The round was over all too quickly, its quite remarkable the fun that can be had for about £10. Rounds of golf were arranged for the coming week with Joe and Aiden also enthusiastic about the following days winter league competition.

The final word goes to Joe “Everyone is welcome, I mean everyone. Beginner or scratch golfer, get in touch with me or Aiden, let’s all get out and play more.”

Oh yes, just in case you wondered, Joe won.

Contact Joe at             joemorton60@gmail.com

Contact Aiden at         aiden.murphy61@sky.com