Lodge of Valour

Lodge of Valour No 4322

Consecrated: 9th January, 1922

Following the First World War there were many men wishing to become Freemasons. Our Mother Lodge, the Marquis of Lorne No 1354, was extremely busy with multiple ceremonies and its membership constantly on the increase. On 5th January 1921 a formal petition was made to Grand Lodge for a Warrant to hold a new Lodge to be named Kemp-Hall Lodge. The name proposed was in memory of two brethren, officers who died gallantly fighting for their country and whose fathers were honoured members of the Craft.

Unfortunately at that time, Grand Lodge did not look favourably on Lodges being named after individuals and so, following considerable correspondence with Grand Lodge, it was eventually decided that the new Lodge should be styled “The Lodge of Valour”.

The Warrant was dated 3rd August 1921 and the consecration ceremony was held on 9th January 1922 in the Masonic Rooms, Gas Street, Leigh.

The Lodge of Valour increased in strength and numbers and on 10th December 1945 it was decided to approve a petition to the Grand Master for a Warrant for a new Lodge to be called “The Lodge of Truth”. A Warrant was granted dated 6th February 1946 and the Lodge of Truth was consecrated on 3rd October 1946.

In 1963 the Lodge of Valour, working in equal partnership with the Marquis of Lorne Lodge, founded Leigh Masonic Hall Ltd to effect the purchase of the Leigh Friendly Co-operative Society Building in Ellesmere Street, which, completely renovated and refurbished, is the present home of the Leigh Group of Lodges and Chapters.