Lodge of Truth

Lodge of Truth No 6235

Consecrated: 3rd October, 1946

Following the Second World War there were many men wishing to become Freemasons. This meant that many Lodges were extremely active and their membership was growing at an increasing rate.In Leigh, the Lodge of Valour No4322, founded in similar circumstances after the First World War, was one such Lodge. They petitioned Grand Lodge to issue a Warrant for a new Lodge to be called the Lodge of Truth. This petition was approved. The Lodge of Truth would meet at premises in Henrietta Street, Leigh sharing the facilities of Lilford Lodge 21 brethren became founder members of the Lodge. Their occupations covered a wide spectrum of the local community ranging from directors of local companies to butchers and plumbers. The current membership reflects a similar diversity of interests. At the first regular meeting, the Master of the Lodge had the privilege of initiating his son, on his return from war service, as the first new member of the Lodge. Subsequently, 8 other sons of founders became members of the Lodge and in later years another 7 sons of members have joined the Lodge.

In 1961 the work was begun to investigate the possibility of the provision of a Masonic Temple to accommodate all the Lodges in the Leigh. This came to fruition and in September 1965 the Lodge of Truth became the first Lodge to meet in the new premises following the Dedication of the new Temple. The Lodge has been fortunate over the years in the dedication shown by some of its members who have served with great distinction as Officers of the Lodge for periods of a dozen years or more. The Lodge continues to thrive although numbers are now lower than the peak membership of over 70.