Leigh Lodge

Leigh Lodge No 4744

Consecrated: 7th October, 1925

The 7th October 1925 sees 20 prominent local and forward thinking men consecrate Leigh Lodge No 4744. Many of these being involved in local business that adhered to local customs and work ethics which was one of the things that meant the Lodge was to meet on the third Wednesday. This being half day closing in the area to many and allowed them that little bit of precious free time. Many local traditions and work related common practices are still evident today and it is due to the forward thinking of those men and the strength and commitment of the members throughout the Lodges history, that the Lodge is still going strong. The membership is currently 35 and although buoyant, is a thriving Lodge and is always looking to attract men of all ages who want to enjoy their Masonry with an eye for Masonic Ritual and tradition but always with fun and light hearted banter at the social board. That there is always a time and place for Masonic Ritual and a time for pleasure is well distinguished by the brethren at all times. That the Lodge meets at 7:00pm does allow flexibility to most in that they can travel home from work or business appointments, see the family, sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and then travel to the Lodge to enjoy the Ritual and the Masonic ceremony within the Lodge room and afterwards enjoy the friendly social board, relaxed.

With the many stresses and pressures in different guises brought on by modern living, Leigh Lodge understands that it is not always practicable to attend and or take part in the Lodge proceedings but that there will always be a way to assist any brother in their Masonry. That several of the members are shift workers, some have young families’ underlines this flexibility and forward thinking.

Many facts and figures, dates and statistics are given by many Lodges but we in Leigh Lodge pride ourselves in our History, our Ritual within the Lodge Rooms and the friendliness, fun and laughter at the social board. If you enjoy it you will come again and again and again and that is important. We all know that you only get out what you put in.