Chapter of Truth

Chapter of Truth No 6235

Consecrated: 21st September, 1949

On 2nd February 1949, following petition, a Warrant was issued by Supreme Grand Chapter and the Chapter was consecrated on 21 September 1949. The new Chapter was to be attached to the Lodge of Truth No 6235 which itself had only come into being some three years previously. All the Founders were members of Chapters in the Leigh Group.

Having met earlier in Henrietta Street, the new Chapter followed the Lodge of Truth in 1965 to its present home, Leigh Masonic Hall in Ellesmere Street. The members are not solely from the Lodge of Truth since the Chapter draws its current membership from a wide number of Lodges both in Leigh and from further afield. With a present membership in excess of 40 the Chapter is in good health and its meetings are very happy and enjoyable occasions.